Our Background and Mission

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Scott Wedell Foundation, Inc.


The Scott Wedell Foundation was inspired by the battle of a courageous young adult, Scott Wedell, who at the age of 19, tragically lost his life to a rare pediatric cancer, Rhabdomyosarcoma.

Like many pediatric cancer victims, Scott was first diagnosed with another autoimmune disease when he was ten years old. Scott was an avid athlete who began to get sick for a full straight week after extreme physical exertion. After five years of many inconclusive tests, doctors finally diagnosed his condition as Celiac disease, an intolerance for gluten. Scott accepted the trials of having to be gluten-free, accepting the social isolation that comes with not being able to eat pizza or birthday cake at his friend’s parties. He also continued to play on his high school golf and basketball teams, even with the challenges of Celiac disease.

At 16, while playing basketball for his High School team, he found a tumor. For three years, he endured major surgery, over five different types of chemo and three different rounds of radiation. However, the cancer kept mutating and returning even stronger. Throughout his treatments, Scott remained positive and courageous, rarely complaining and often joking. He stayed connected to sports, writing his own blog which eventually gathered a large fan base. One of Scott’s goals was to graduate with his high school class in hopes of going to college. Despite his malaise during treatments, he stayed current with his classwork at home and was able to walk across the stage to accept his diploma along with his classmates. When Scott was told there was nothing else that could be done to help him, he asked if he could participate in a very difficult trial that might help others. He inspired so many people to accept life’s difficulties with grace, dignity and above all, courage. In the end, he just wanted to find a cure so that no other children would have to endure what he went through.


The mission of the Scott Wedell Foundation is to raise funds for pediatric cancer research and treatment. 100% of all money collected through donations and events is donated to organizations working to find a cure. So far, the Scott Wedell Foundation had donated $69,576. The ultimate goal is to eliminate pediatric cancer for all children while improving the lives of those already stricken with the disease. Over 36 children a day are diagnosed with cancer, yet less than 5% of cancer research funds go toward finding a cure for these unique cancers because… children have a quiet voice in the adult world. The Scott Wedell Foundation will work with organizations like LLS and CureSearch to improve treatments and to eliminate cancer from our children’s lives.